Professional software
for shower design

CGLASS Designer - supporting your business!

Using CGLASS Designer you will organize the whole process of order fulfillment in your company, starting from collecting measurements at the customer’s site, pricing, up to the installation of the cabin. You have the ability to enter customer data into the project. When doing many projects at the same time, good organization and optimization of processes is extremely important. Having all the information in one place and being able to always look at it no matter where you are is crucial.

Explore the possibilities of CGLASS Designer

CGLASS Designer is an amazing easy-to-use tool,
with which you will be able to:

  • design more than 100 different shower enclosure configurations
  • automatically generate glass drawings for production in pdf and dxf format
  • create a professional offer for your customer
  • place an order for fittings

Measure, design and order fittings - wherever you are!

Software is browser-based, which allows you to access CGLASS Designer also via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. You don’t need to download anything additionally. You have access to all functions. Thanks to this, you will be able to perform all activities, such as the design with visualization of the cabin agreed with the customer, its quotation, glass drawings, as well as ordering hardware, all the while taking measurements on site. All changes in the project update automatically, so we can preview our cabin from every angle in real time.

Receive free access

All projects in one place

Access important project data and check installation information from your phone. Choose from hundreds of products and add them to your projects with a single click. You can preview the changes you’ve made on the visualization, which evolves along with the new data. When the project is finished, the program will allow you to export the finished drawings to glass, along with the previously added instructions / notes for the installation team.

Quotation, product list and drawings on glass - all in a few minutes

Select the initial diagram, enter the required dimensions and select the appropriate hardware. This is an extremely simple and intuitive process. In 3 steps, CGLASS Designer will generate for you a cost and a list of fittings, a quote, a 3D visualization, detailed drawings for the glass to be produced and notes for the installer if you have added any.

Take advantage of a wide library of cabins

Choose from hundreds of output schemes – walk-in, recessed, corner, freestanding or custom configurations with hinges, or sliding systems. Use your previously prepared designs by editing them and then saving them as new ones.

Design, price and share faster than ever

Using the files generated by the program will streamline the entire design process many times over. Now the customer will be able to see the cabin they would like to order within minutes of making an inquiry, and you won’t have to make drawings for glass production – the program will do it for you by adding the appropriate cutouts and clearances for fittings – automatically!

Professional pricing for everyone

Are you the only person who prices all shower projects in the company? Projects are stagnating due to lack of time to make hardware list, pricing or drawings? CGLASS Designer will help you save your precious time. The program will turn a simple drawing / sketch on a piece of paper into a professional quote including visualization, price, hardware list and drawings for glass. The program allows you to include additional costs such as travel to the customer, measurement or installation.\