NORGPOL is a family company that has been providing specialized materials to various industries since 1991.

The experience and constant dynamic growth of the market helped us branch out and create a new brand in 2007 – CGLASS, to further specialize into design, production and distribution of systems and fittings for glass.

Our offer consists of glass fittings, door frames, glass shower systems, glass partitions, but also sliding door systems or glass balustrades.

Responding to the needs of the market, in 2020 we have opened glass 
toughening plant with cutting-edge technology and world-class machines
that are processing thousands of tons every year. Our offer includes, 
but is not limited to tempering and laminating glass, but also creating 
specialized acoustic glass or glass with hydrophobic coating.

What makes us better than our competition? It’s the innovations and patented, high quality products that are as easy to use as possible, such as:

• revolutionary glass point fittings COSMO, which brought a
completely new view on point fittings in the industry,
• CGLASS OFFICE consisting of single and double glazing and adjustable door frames. All of the above combined with a patented solution for hinges equals the easiest way of door installation that we could imagine. OFFICE LEDON system brings a different light to your project through profiles integrated with LED strips,
• GOLD Series fittings for glass showers, a mix of our well-known products and a very popular gold finish, that gives a bathroom elegance and luxurious look,
• Post balustrade system TROFEO, proprietary solutions engineered by top experts in the field of glass and aluminium constructions, which has found interest with
building developers as glass balustrades in blocks of flats, hotels or seaside apartments,

Our most important mission that we have set for ourselves is making products tailored to the market and our clients’ needs. Having been on the market for years, we have been able to gather great technical support staff providing comprehensive services in choosing the optimal solution for your projects.

Confirmation of us being a reliable bussines partner, and, at the same time, a reliable company, are various rewards we have received in the recent years: