CGLASS started the 2024 trade fair season by exhibiting at the annual BUDMA 2024 trade fair. We presented at the fair many products that have become part of our offerings for good, as well as new products, including:

  • NEW – CGLASS PIVOT 360° – a set of hardware for revolving doors
  • PREMIERE – MALAGA shower enclosure sliding system with self-closing on both sides, available at the beginning of the second quarter of this year*.
  • PREMIERE – MAGNUM aluminum magnetic seals, available at the beginning of the second quarter of this year*.
  • NEW – VERONA PREMIUM SLIM hinges, available at the beginning of this year.
  • Loft doors on the CGLASS OFFICE system – both with the use of the frame and using self-closer
  • MONACO system for sliding glass doors
  • A ‘walk-in’ shower enclosure using gold hardware and gold mesh glass
  • VERONA PREMIUM SLIM hinged black cabin, using MAGNUM seals and C500 angle connectors
  • Post balustrade system – TROFEO – and balustrade solutions on aluminum profiles, spigots and COSMO fixings
  • CGLASS DESIGNER program – we have conducted many trainings and presented the capabilities of our program to many customers – from Poland, but also from abroad

We are also very pleased to announce that our stand received the prestigious ACANTHUS AUREUS, or Golden Acanthus, award, which has been granted by the Poznań International Fair for the best stand for many years.

As always, we have to thank our wonderful customers who every year find the time and come to Poznan, often covering hundreds of kilometers, to exchange a few sentences visiting our stand and talk about our products or current cooperation. We would also like to thank those who did not know us or did not cooperate with us before this fair, and this fair allowed us to establish contact and gave birth to potential for future cooperation – we hope that the fruit of these talks will be wonderful realizations and long-term cooperation.

*date of listing inclusion subject to change



On April 17-22 this year, we took part in the BAU Trade Fair in Munich for the first time in our company’s history. The event is held every two years and is the world’s largest gathering of leading companies in the architecture, materials and systems industry. More than 2,200 exhibitors from 45 countries, more than a quarter of a million visitors and more than 200,000 square meters of space in 19 exhibition halls.

Buoyed by the extremely enthusiastic reception at GLASSTEC and having learned from experience, we prepared a whole range of novelties that we presented. Among them were:

  • sliding shower enclosure version with hardware in gold finish GOLD SERIES
  • shower cubicle version with hardware in BLACK SERIES finish, using angle stabilizers and VERONA PREMIUM swing hinges
  • CGLASS LOFT cabinetry expanded with the latest products presented to customers for the first time – a loft corner, a new type of horizontal and vertical grid profiles and an installation pole for single glazing – all in black anodised finish
  • doors in the CGLASS OFFICE system in the version with an adjustable frame along with a magnetic lock in black anodised finish
  • another novelty – sliding doors in the MONACO system with pneumatic comfort-stop retarders on both sides, with maximum panel load capacity of 150kg, fixed on the glass wall using the new NTMON5820 system along with a hook lock
  • 2 versions of balustrades in the TROFEO balustrade system
  • 6 versions of self-supporting glass balustrades on, among others, the revolutionary COSMO point fixings and a live presentation of the glass adjustment after fixing
  • CGLASS DESIGNER – preview demonstrations of a cabin modeling program equipped with all the fittings available in our offer and having a wide library of ready-made designs, which has had premiere during the fair!

Our booth once again received great interest from customers from all over the world. We were visited by hundreds of companies from more than 50 countries around the world. We are extremely grateful for the pleasant encounters and the opportunity to talk about our products, both to existing customers who found time to visit us in a new setting, and to domestic and foreign companies for whom this fair was their first opportunity to have a business meeting with us.



The first trade fair at which we exhibited our stand this year was BUDMA 2023, held on 31.01-03.02 in Poznań. At the fair we presented, among other things:

  • NEW – an expanded range of accessories for CGLASS LOFT loft doors with a set of self-closing magnets
  • NEW – the gold COSMO COS-4830-304-G rotules
  • PREMIERE – CGLASS DESIGNER program, which will be available in the second quarter of this year*.
  • OFFICE system finished in black anode
  • MONACO sliding glass door system
  • Shower cabin with gold sliding system and gold connectors
  • Black cabin on VER-SLIM hinges and connectors with NTK1020 stabilizer and C500 angle connector
  • Post balustrade system – TROFEO

We would like to thank all those who visited our booth at this year’s fair – those who came to see our novelties, those who came to talk about current or future cooperation, as well as those who found a moment to say hello to us on the run.

*release date subject to change



For the first time in our company’s history, on 20-23 september, we have taken part in 2022 GLASSTEC FAIR in DÜSSELDORF. This event takes place every 2 years and is the world’s biggest meeting of companies involved in glass industry.

Long-term planning and months of preparation let us present our most popular solutions, most interesting products and innovations in the best possible way. We have built, among others:

  • Gold finished sliding shower cabin – GOLD SERIES
  • Shower cabin using glass fittings in black finish BLACK SERIES, corner stabilizers and swing hinges VERONA PREMIUM
  • CGLASS OFFICE double glazing with doors on hydraulic hinges and automatic closing
  • CGLASS OFFICE door system consisting of adjustable door frame and magnetic lock in black anodized finish
  • Sliding door using MONACO system, with pneumatic double-sided sliders comfort-stop – max. glass door weight 150 kg
  • 2 configurations of TROFEO post balustrade system
  • 6 configurations of self-supporting glass balustrades, among others using revolutionary point fixings COSMO

Our booth and products presented on the trade fair were met with incredible interest of visitors from all over the world. We have been visited by companies from 65 countries.
We are incredibly grateful for the meetings and the ability to talk about our products, not only grateful to clients we have met previously, who found time to visit us in a completely new setting, but also to domestic and foreign companies, to whom this trade fair was the first opportunity to meet and talk business with our representatives.



After a long break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we presented at BUDMA in Poznań from February 1-4 this year:

  • NEW – gold sliding system S003
  • NEW – gold VERONA PREMIUM hinges
  • OFFICE system finished in black anode
  • Double glazing system – CLM-3410, OFC-1-NA, OFC-4S-B
  • Black cabin on VER-SLIM hinges and connectors with NTK1020 stabilizer and C500 angle connector
  • Post balustrade system – TROFEO

Many thanks to all current and future customers who, despite the prevailing situation and the restrictions under which this year’s BUDMA 2022 fair stood, visited our booth.